Technologies You can Use to Find and Manage Tenants

Technological changes in the real estate field have been coming at both the renters of houses and apartments as well sellers and landlords. For example, some of you probably know how Apple’s virtual assistant Siri, can help real estate brokers to be more efficient in making appointments, assisting with customer-service questions, etc. Well, technology can also help those who manage apartments find and keep their tenants. Any one of the following technologies can help you to get tenants in the door and to manage them once they are there.

  • Mobile Landlord: This app, available for both IOs and Android, centralizes the important information you will need to maintain your property. It keeps note of possible tenants, favorite contractors and even helps you set reminders for maintenance and inspections. Finally, Mobile Landlord can help you multi-task by keeping track of as many as five properties.
  • 3D marketing and leasing apps: These days prospective tenants pretty much expect to be able to view the house or apartment they are considering moving into remotely over the Internet. This fact is especially true of Millennials. Floored is an app that allows prospective tenants to view what their space may look like before leasing. It can create 3D renderings of apartments and houses that are unfurnished and then let you see what they might look like with furniture.
  • Homestyler: This app lets you take the guesswork out of renovation by allowing you to picture your property as it would look with a variety of design changes. For example, It can help you visualize your floors to see how they would look if they were made of certain materials e.g., wood or tile. Homestyler even lets you place furniture into the picture to help prospective tenants get a better look at what their new home could look like.tenant screening
  • Thumbtack: Thumbtack is a site that can quickly put you in contact with responsible and qualified contractors in just about every field. It can come in particularly helpful when you face a maintenance emergency and need someone to help put things back on track with your property. The way it works is that you state your specific need on the site and wait for be bids and proposals from handymen and other professionals. As a landlord, you’ll more than likely employ your own maintenance person or crew but Thumbtack can be a valuable back up just in case.

As you can see, when it comes to the real estate business the race is not for the swift but for those who endure. And the way to endure in today’s market is to use technology in your favor to screen, attract and retain tenants. Our company, which handles property management inside loop 610 and property management in Houston, helps you to grow your business and to improve it for the sake of you and your tenants.