Houston Rental Management Service

At Houston4Lease, we are here to help you. Our primary focus is to help owners of rental units make the most of their business. Managing rental properties presents a number of unique challenges that can make or break a business. For years, our Houston property management team has worked with owners of condos, apartments, townhouses, and single family homes in Houston to help streamline their business plan and increase the cash flow from their investment properties.

Onboarding Process

Our unique a la carte service menu allows you to take charge of your property management like never before. You can order exactly the services you feel your management team needs—and only those services. All of our rental property management services can be customized to fit your property’s needs in Houston, whether you need them for the duration of your contract with us or only a few weeks.

Our rental management team in Houston offers guaranteed tenant replacement services and has the know-how to help you fill your vacancies while remaining cost effective. We’ve been doing business within Beltway 8 for years; working within the area has given us a unique perspective on what property managers need in order to keep their rental properties up and running as smoothly as possible. It’s our goal to be your One Source, One Responsibility solution, every time,and anywhere in Houston

Contact us today to find out more about our rental management services in Houston, so you can get a clear idea how we can help you and your rental property improve your:


  • Increase your property leasing rate in Houston by evaluating your property and making changes
  • Decrease turnaround time on vacancies with our prompt “make ready.”

Property Marketing

  • Give you maximum exposure through our partnership with RE/MAX
  • Use web platforms such as HAR.com, Realtor.com, Trulia.com, Yahoo Classifieds, and Zillow.com to increase your marketing potential and presentation
  • Customizable email marketing campaigns
  • Property signs with a toll free 24 hour information announcement

Screening of Prospective tenants

  • Verifications of previous landlord property and rental history throughout Houston.
  • Verifications of employment and income
  • Credit report summary and credit score
  • Statewide eviction check
  • IRS tax liens and child support delinquencies
  • Criminal and background check
  • National terrorist watch list check
  • Statewide sex offender list check
  • One-on-one interviews with all prospective tenants

Tenant Move-in

  • Preparations of all official documentation and lease agreements
  • Comprehensive new tenant orientation
  • Transfer of utilities and/or amenities to tenant
  • Thorough inventory, condition and completions reports

Tenant Relationships

  • 24 hour call service for tenant and property emergencies (i.e. Situations that jeopardize tenant safety or could prevent tenants from residing on the property).
  • Efficient resident basic service fulfillment requests.
  • Courteous follow-up with tenants not paying rent.

Property up Keep

  • Supervision of property maintenance, management and repairs
  • Dependable, reputable contractors and repair services
  • Bi-monthly, thorough inspections of each property, from top to bottom
  • Contracting for standard services such as pest control, lawn care and general maintenance
  • Contracting for additional services and improvements

Record Keeping

  • Provide rental rolls and expense reports for the property on a monthly basis
  • Payment of all property-related bills (excludes taxes)
  • Keep owners abreast on all issues by schedule or as needed