About Houston 4 Lease

Bruce Lessey and Houston4Lease offers more than 20 years of business experience and a comprehensive education both as an associate broker and CPA. He has worked with owners of various investment properties to provide relief and resolve problems with properties and tenants quickly and fairly. Whether you need assistance with apartments or condos, freestanding rental units or homes, Bruce Lessey and the team at Houston4Lease can tailor each plan to be flexible and fit your individual needs.

At Houston4Lease, our primary focus is helping Houston property owners with the stress that comes with running and managing rental properties in the Houston, TX area. Whether they need assistance with handling tenant issues or maintenance requests and upkeep, our Houston property management team understands that every aspect of property management requires the utmost attention and care, and we’re here to help.

Our team offers a wide range of services, from working with prospective tenants to record keeping and property upkeep. Our team has years of experience working with numerous properties, helping them build and even expand their business. We’ve also partnered up with REMAX Inner Loop and some of the most popular real estate websites in Houston to get your property the marketing treatment it deserves. We can help you determine the value of your property by examining the current state of the market, income potential, and tenant replacement. From there, we can customize a marketing campaign to suit the needs of your property and build your client base.

Houston Property Management and Maintenance

At Houston 4 Lease we manage Houston home rentals, homes for rent in Houston, and Houston Residential Leases. We utilize the Houston MLS and have also designed a menu of services that you can choose from. You can use one item or many over the long term or just for a few weeks it is up to you. Everything on our menu of services is “a la carte”. Our services are amazingly affordable and with our tenant replacement guarantee we can show you how we can fill your vacancies at a lower cost then you could yourself with a lot less stress. We specialize in properties inside of the loop so we know your neighborhood. We will provide you a One source, One responsibility solution.

Houston Property Leasing & Sales

Our services are amazingly affordable, and with our tenant replacement guarantee we can show you how we can fill your vacancies at a lower cost and less stress than ever before. We specialize in properties inside of the loop on the Sam Houston Parkway. We know the neighborhood and its potential, and we’re ready to help properties expand their ability to do business there. We also connect across the greater Houston, Harris County, Katy and Sugar Land areas. Our goal is to be your One Source, One Responsibility Houston property management solution.

Your one stop for stress relief to:

  • Improve the Quality of your tenants
  • Run a more profitable operation
  • Sell for Top Dollar, When you are ready

A property’s ability to make money rests partially on the shoulders of its tenants; they can make a manager’s job a nightmare or a piece of cake. We’re ready to assist you throughout the tenant-selection process in order to ensure that they get only the best, most responsible tenants. We can also help you improve your cash flow by examining your business practices and helping you to streamline your payment, maintenance, and renting processes. Even the smallest changes can help your business grow and get you top dollar for all your rental properties.

If you currently own rental property in Houston and you need a little Stress Relief call us now. If you would like to own rental property in Houston and would like to work with the “A” team call us now.