Property Maintenance and Upkeep

All of your property’s repairs and maintenance requests are handled by professional, qualified, independent contractors. Houston4Lease has formed close working relationships with many contractors and vendors within the area, which allows us to provide your property with maintenance and repairs at extremely reasonable prices. We also work closely with the owners of each property to ensure that each repair is approved and handled according to their wishes. Tenants can contact us by phone, email, or text message to inform us of any needed repairs. Once a repair is approved, Houston4Lease will supervise the repair to ensure that the job is taken care of correctly and professionally, every time.

Once we receive a request for repair or maintenance, we will set up the appropriate funds to be used by property owners to take care of any outstanding issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. We know that your tenants expect efficiency, and we’re here to assist you in providing the best customer service possible to all of your tenants. We’ll help you take care of everything from basic repairs, such as leaky pipes and broken cupboards, to emergency situations like fires and floods. We take property management seriously, and we’re dedicated to keeping your property safe and well-kept and, more importantly, keeping your tenants happy.

Our extensive list of maintenance and repair services include:

  • 24 hours on call service for emergency situations (these include any situation that would involve safety of resident’s lives or situations that would prevent the individual from living at the facility). Immediate response for resident’s request regarding basic services.
  • Quality supervision of maintenance and repairs
  • Qualified, dependable, reputable contractors and repair services
  • Contracting for services of lawn care, pest control, and regular maintenance
  • Contracting of any additional improvements or services as requested
  • Payment of HOA dues if requested by owner
  • Bi-monthly physical inspections of your property, inside and out
  • Compliance and cooperation with city inspectors
  • Serving legal notices