5 Valid Reasons to Evict a Tenant

While no one can deny that being evicted can be a life-changing event for renters, the process is no day at the beach for property owners either. In fact, it is probably the worst part of managing a property. It is a legal headache like few landlords will ever face. Yet it is a fundamental part of property management. But when is it proper to evict a tenant? Here’s a look at five perfectly valid reasons for sending out a notice of eviction.

  • Failure to pay the rent or habitually late payments: If after giving due notice about failing to pay rent the tenant still does not pay, he/she can be evicted. This is why it is a good idea for a landlord to keep documentation of all correspondence sent or received from all tenants. Maintaining a good paper trail helps all parties in such matters.
  • Illegal use of property: Of course a tenant must first be served with a Notice to Quit before you do it but you can evict a tenant for operating an illegal business out of a residential property. This can range from a operating a legal business that is not zoned for particular neighborhood to an obviously illegal enterprise such as drug dealing.
  • Health or safety violations: Again, you must serve the tenant with a Notice to Quit before doing so but if the property is deemed to be a hazard to public health or safety a tenant can be evicted.
  • Lease violation: This is the second most common reason to evict a tenant and covers a whole range activities and behaviors. However, the policies must be clearly stated in the lease in order for landlords to have a strong case for eviction. Violations could include things like unauthorized pets, unapproved subletting, improper use, etc.eviction notice
  • Expiration of lease: Sometimes a landlord and a tenant can reach an impasse on whether or not they want the lease to be extended. In this case, the landlord always wins.

As you can see and as anyone who has ever gone through the process can tell you, eviction is a difficult process for all parties involved. That is why it is best to avoid it if at all possible. At Houston 4 Lease, we stand ready to help owners with any problems they may encounter. Tenant management in the inner loop of Houston can be quite difficult. We are one of the best property management companies in Houston because we have knowledge and experience that will help your property maintain and grow its value.